Trend Extreme Expert Advisor

TREND EXTREME Expert Advisor for MetaTrader4

Trend Trading at its Best

trend extreme expert advisor

A great trading robot that not only performs trades on strong Trending currencies but it also does so at situations when it has been determined that the Trend has substantially pulled back from its Extreme levels.

In this way trades have higher probability of being profitable as it combines strong Trend trading with Extremes reversal.

Have you enjoyed our Free Live Signals  based on the Trend/Wave/Extreme Indicator. Now here comes the trading robot which is based on this system and therefore your chance to trade them live, without being on your PC.

What Does The Trend Extreme Expert Advisor Do

  • 100% automated trading robot

  • Ensures trades are entered at the best possible times

  • Performs buy trades at lower price and sell trades at higher prices


How Does The Trend Extreme Expert Advisor Work

The Trend Extreme EA will enter Buy trades at points where there is a strong Trend Up and the market has moved substantially lower and Sell trades at points where there is a strong Trend Down and the market has moved substantially higher.

trend extreme expert advisor

The Trend Extreme EA will calculate a score from -100% to 100% for both of the Trend and Extreme Pullback to measure their direction and how strong they are.  The EA will wait for cases where Trend and Extreme are opposite to each other and enter trades to the direction of the Trend.

Trend Extreme Expert Advisor

The greater the absolute percentage values the more reliable the trade opportunity is.

Also you can see here our Free Live Signals  based on this strategy.

Which instrument can it be used?

The Trend Extreme Expert Advisor can be used on generally any instrument (Forex,Metals,CFDs) as it is trending strategy and generally speaking all instruments will form trends on time or another.In fact it recommended to use it on several instruments at once.

Which timeframe can it be used?

As this is a trending strategy it is recommended to be used on higher timeframes. H1-H4-Daily. This is to allow for enough time for a reliable trend to be formed.  It can be used as a semi-scapler by measuring the Trend on a bigger timeframe and the Extreme Pullback on a much lower timeframe.


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