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Power Tools Indicator for MT4

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Power Tools is a comprehensive set of analytical tools packed in one indicator that will allow you to analyse the market very fast and find trading opportunities without the need of looking at charts forever.

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 What does the Power Tools Indicator do

Fast analysis through one single screen
Identify which currencies are strong and which are weak
Analyse up to 25 pairs at once
Instantly review the current as well as historical trends and movements
Receive alerts on your screen,email or phone whenever trading opportunities appear

How does the Power Tools Indicator Work

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 Several Analytical Tools Working to give you all the info you need

Current Strength: Displays with a score of 0-10 how strong a base currency is.

Moving  Strength: Displays over time how a base currency has moved.

Multi Currency Analytics: Up t0 25 pairs analysed at the same time long term , short term ,extreme conditions to find the best pair to trade. Alerts produce at the best trading times.

Multi Time Frame Analytics: Analysing a symbol over all time frames for further inside on its performance,

Moving Strength Tool

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Quickly shows how each base currency as a whole has moved over past. Compares itself against all other base currencies . Immediately determine what has been happening in the market.


Current Strength Tool

Show you how strong each base currency is relative to its peers at the current moment.

The way the tool works is to produce a value from 0 to 10 for each of the currencies that demonstrates how strong the specific currency is.

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Use it to buy strong symbols ( Score above 6) against weak symbols (score bellow 4)power tools

Multi Currency Analytics Tool

Identify the perfect trade from 25 pairs at once

(Powered by Trend Wave Extreme System)

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 Mutli Currency Analytics can analyse up to 25 pair at once on the Long Term /Short Term ,Extreme conditions, volatility and show you with alerts when the best trades.

Identify and get alerts on your PC/Email/Phone when the best opportunities become available.




power tools


power tools


(Here are before and after pictures of a Perfect Buy trade as posted here in our blog).

Multi TimeFrame Analytics

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Perform additional quick analysis on the pair you wish to trade on other timeframes. See if your trade may be right  or wrong on a bigger or smaller timeframe.




Click here to check detailed PDF manuals for the indicator

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Power Tools Indicator

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