The Multi Currency Recovery Pack

Multi Currency Recovery Pack

The Multi Currency Recovery Pack  contains two of our great tools , the existing Loss Recovery Trader as well as our newest trading Robot The Trend Extreme Dashboard .  Check them out out how you can acquire them even for FREE.

The Trend Extreme Dashboard is a great EA that monitors 25 symbols and only trades the ones that have the best trade opportunities while the Loss Recovery Trader can be combined to quickly recover the unsuccessful trades and convert them into profits.



The Loss Recovery Trader

Multi Currency Recovery Pack

This Trading Robot, will help you reduce and even eliminate your losing trades and help you make more gains. Simply place your trade, specifying your entry and take profit point and then our Robot will do the rest for you.

Should the trade goes against you the Loss Recovery Trader Robot will initiate a sequence of trades what will eventually turn your floating losses into profits or break even irrespective of if the market moves up or down and your initial trade.

The Loss Recovery Trader robot can recover trades that have been initiated either manually or through an external trading robot.Check it out here.

The Trend Extreme Dashboard

Multi Currency Recovery Pack This is an excellent EA/Tool for initiating trades that can be used with the Loss Recovery Trader EA.

This is an EA you attached on a chart and acts as a trade initiation tool.

It scans the market for up to 25 pairs and ranks them based on profitability potential utilizing our Trend Wave Extreme Strategy.

The information is shown on the screen as well as account statistics.

Whenever opportunity exists based on your risk management settings , a new trade will be initiated on the relevant currency pair.

If the trade does not reach its TP then the Loss Recovery Trader EA  (if applied) takes over the trade till it turns into profit.

The reason this strategy works well, and even better when combined with the Loss Recovery Trader EA is because it scans all the market, and will not limit its trades to one single pair. It will trade the ones that have proper opportunities. So it will aim to make several trades, small profit at a time that accumulate into profits. Even if the initial trade moves against us the fact there is volatility and a strong trend in that moment helps recover the trade faster.Check it out here.

 How to Acquire the Multi Currency Recovery Pack Robots (for FREE)

These robots together are sold for 350 Euro together (Loss Recovery Trader 200 Euro, Trend Extreme Dashboard 150 Euro).

You can simply purchase them from their respective site .

Multi Currency Recovery Pack If you wish to acquire them for FREE then simply open a Real account with XM using this link and make a deposit of 1500 Eur.

After that send us an email at with your account number to confirm the information and we will send you the trading robots.

XM offers 100% deposit bonus* till the end of Friday 22/05/2015 so is a good opportunity to take advantage of these promotions.

XM besides being a great and reputable bonus, offers a 30USD no deposit bonus meaning you can test their service and even make profit without any risk as they offer you 30USD for simply open an account. Furthermore their constant 50% bonus offers ,micro account offering and high leverage of 888:1 make them an ideal choice for running the Loss Recovery EA and the Trend Extreme Dashboard.

*Please confirm with XM if your country is eligible for this bonus.