Markets Trend/Wave/Extreme Analysis (14/11/2012)

Yesterday the markets was showing a US Dollar strength market that was in correction mode. Today we conitnue to see the same picture however we can see some trading opportunities as some currency pairs seem to be reaching extreme zones pointing out corrections should be over.

It seems a really good opportunity to Sell EURUSD here.  We can see a clear down trend, and falling trend line holding. In addition the Trend/Wave/Extreme system is pointing a Perfect Sell. We have a Down Trend , an Up Wave in Overbought region pointing an Up ward correction will be soon over and we should Sell once we see two consecutive down candles.

Looking at the rest of the currency markets bellow using the Trend/Wave/Extreme system we can also see good opportunities to Buy USDCHF and Sell EURAUD. Just make sure you wait for the second consecutive candle in the direction you are trading before you hit the trigger.

Read about the Trend/Wave/Extreme system here.

The following is an analysis of the currency markets using the Trend/Wave/Extreme system under a 4-hour period. You can read about the system here. Please read our Risk Disclosure and Terms of Use  prior to making a trade using this information.

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