Markets Analysis (5/12/2012)

Today we continue to see the strength in Euro, Australian/New Zealand  Dollars and weakness in US Dollar and Yen.  Most Euro currencies are now overbought including the EURGBP that was pointed out yesterday while the EURJPY broke its 107.60 resistance and rose higher.


This was also pointed out yesterday. We have trend and wave indicators pointing up, the chart pattern shows also an uptrend pattern that is continuing up after its downtrend  correctional wave was over and is now heading higher. As it yet not overbought it have more way to go up.


You may want to try your luck with this one as the trend and wave indicators remain UP and yet not overbought. Taking into consideration how the EURJPY moved up and that pair bounced of its 81.60 resistance it could reach 82.85 again.

Read about the Trend/Wave/Extreme system here.

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