Join the 65% of profitable FxPro Supertrader copytraders

st picRecently the globally renowned Forex Broker FxPro introduced an in-house social and copy trading platform  known as the SuperTrader.Traders can review strategies that have been approved by the FxPro team and follow risk management principles and allocate money on them ,set risk parameters and follow them.

The main differences in SuperTrader compared to other social-copy trading platforms are the following

  • FxPro requires every leader to undergo a strict application process that includes questionnaires, interviews and testing of their strategies.  Leaders are continuously monitored and can be removed at any time should they fail to comply with the risk management criteria.
  • FxPro SuperTrader is backed by FxPro's Agency Model, meaning that there is no Dealing Desk to intervene between the positions taken by the strategies in a trader's portfolio and the markets. FxPro does not act as counterparty, or trade against the trader and hence their revenues do not come from your losses. This means no conflicts of interest, they only earn commissions and hence is to their best interest for the selected leaders to be profitable.

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FxPro has issued an email that summarises some performance statistics of the SuperTrader during its almost 2 months of operations. (Please note that the bellow result are as of December 11  2013 and may have changed significantly since then)

65% Profitable Clients

  • 65% of the people who invested in Supertrader have been able to book profits
  • The average return achieved by each individual trader has been 2% with the maximum return being as much as 16%
  • The biggest loss registered by an individual has been -10%.

65% Profitable Strategies

  • FxPro SuperTrader so far offers 35 strategies that can be copied.
  • 60% of the strategies have been profitable, with the biggest one producing a return of 15.18%.
  • 40% of the strategies have been loosing ,with the biggest loser returning -8.20%.
  • The average weekly profit by each strategy has been at 2%

Top 5 Performing Strategies

FxPro has produced the above chart showing the top 5 profitable strategies. It can be seen that 4 out of 5 top performing strategies are from the set of FxPro's own internally developed trading systems.

If you are satisfied with the above results and want to join the 65% of profitable traders that are trading within a broker that shares your interest check out the FxPro Supertrader.