Moving Average Trader

The Moving AverageTrader system is the following.

Best works in 1hour /4hours/1 day


  1. A Moving Average Period (the longer the better) and a type
  2. Take Profit pips (the longer the MA the more you can set).
  3. An additional few Stop Loss pips

I usually go with Simple Moving Average 50, Take Profit 100, Stop Loss 15

Action: Buy when the Market Price crosses above the Moving Average

Sell when the Market Price crosses above the Moving Average

Take Profit: Set it a number of pips (eg 100 for a 50 MA) after the Moving Average has crossed the Market price

Stop Loss:  Should be equal to the value of the Moving Average and should be updated at each period.  Include a few pips (eg 10-15 for a 50 MA) to give you a bit of room in the beginning of the trade.

You can use the following MT4 indicator (attached bellow) named Moving Average Trader for this system, to test what is happening and to get alerts when a crossover occurs for up to ten currencies instantly with a click of the button.

moving average trader

Using the indicator above you can tell

-If the Trend at the moment is Up (Moving Average=) or Down (Moving Average=) and decide if you want to take -the trade at that moment.

-What  the market has been in relation to its Moving Average for the last 4 periods

-What was the last market price where the Moving Average crossed the Market Price

-The Stop Loss and Take Profit prices you should select if you were to take a trade at the current moment

-How far from you Stop Loss and Take Profit the current market price is (if the Take Profit Distance is not far from the Take Profit price or it has been exceeded you should avoid opening a trade at that moment as it indicates you missed your chance)

-Notified by a detailed alert (optional) whenever a crossover between the Moving Average and the Market Price has occurred and hence an immediate trade opportunities arises. 

↗  for buying

↘  for selling


You can attach this indicator to several charts each time selecting different timeframes, and periods for the Moving Average . You will receive an alert each time a crossover has occurred which informs you at which currency pair has occurred the timeframe and the Moving Average properties.

When you attach the indicator to the chart you get the following options

Moving_Average_Period : Averaging period for calculation

Moving_Average_Method:  MA method

Moving_ Average_Applied_Price:  Applied price

Moving_ Average_Shift: Index of the value taken from the indicator buffer (shift relative to the current bar the given amount of periods ago).

Alerts: Whether Alerts to be displayed when a crossover has occurred

Currency #: Which currency pair to be analysed at position #

Currency #_Alerts: Whether Alerts to be displayed for the particular currency pair

You can also check the multicurrency form of the Moving Average Trader Indicator

This is a collection of FREE MT4 indicators that were developed by us. You can download all of the via the link bellow.


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