Master Moving Average Trader

If you are not aware how the Moving Averages please read this fist

If you are a trader that really likes to trade using the Moving Average Crossover then this indicator is definitely for you and will allow you to take full control and MASTER the Moving Average.


master movinge average

What period should I use?

Larger Moving Average period:  More Reliable but Less Frequent Signals

Short Moving Average period: More Frequent but Less Reliable Signals

The Master Moving Average Trader indicator solves this problem by allowing you to compare 10 Moving Average Periods against each other.

-Never miss a Crossover. See all the possible MA comparison combinations and spot which two periods create a crossover.

– Compare all periods. Check the reliability of a signal by comparing the signals of longer MAs.

When you attach this indicator to a chart it looks like this.

The row MA period is compared against the column MA period.

A green positive value/green up arrow implies that it is a buy signal. (Short MA is above Long MA)

A red negative value/red down arrow implies that it is a sell signal. (Short MA is bellow Long MA)

View modes

1)      Arrows: show if the signal is Up or Down

2)      Numbers: shows the percentage difference of the Shorter MA over the Longer MA

-the closer to zero, the closer to a crossover occurring the MA pair is and vice versa

master movinge average


Whenever a crossover occurs a detailed alert will appear (if set true) that will inform if a crossover trade signal has occurred. It will inform about the signal (BUY/SELL ) the symbol and timeframe you are using as well as the 2 Mas involved in the crossover.


You have the following options when using this indicator

Showarrows: Set it to true to view signals as arrows, False for as percentage difference

Alerts: If alert to be displayed for all MA crossovers

MAtype: Which Moving Average Evaluation Method to be used

MA#: the Moving Average Period to be used at position #

(NOTE: Setting the period equal to 1 will imply the Market Price)

MA#alert: if alerts to be displayed for MA# when a crossover occurs with that period

Colors are for selecting which color to be used for each occasion

TIP: If you want set the indicator to several symbols and timeframes set your alerts accordingly and receive crossover alert from a lot of combinations

This is a collection of FREE MT4 indicators that were developed by us. You can download all of the via the link bellow.


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