MACD Trader Multi Time Frame Version

macd multi timeframe

This is a Multi Time Frame Version of the MACD Trader indicator.  Make sure you check this first.

It works the same way as the MACD Trader indicator but instead of showing 10 curencies it shows you what the various signals are showing under the 9 MT4 time periods.

The advantages of using a Multi Timeframe analysis to compare what the signals are over different timeframes to help make better decisions.

The difference in options compared to the MACD Trader is in the alerts.


Instead of setting alerts on symbols when certain events occure, the alerts now apply for Time Frames.

Alerts :This if for turning on/off alerts for all timeframes.

M1_Alerts : 1 minute alerts
M5_Alerts :  5 minute alerts
M15_Alerts: 15 minute alerts
M30_Alerts: 30 minute alerts
H1_Alerts:   1 Hour alerts
H4_Alerts:   4 Hour alerts
D1_Alerts :   1 Day alerts
W1_Alerts :  1 Week alerts
 MN1_Alerts:  1 Month alerts

This is a collection of FREE MT4 indicators that were developed by us. You can download all of the via the link bellow.


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