Speed Arithmetic

Speed Arithmetic questions are one of the two types that you would need to get really acquainted with as you will definitely get asked several such questions.

In a nutshell Speed Arithmetic can be defined as the ability to perform fast mathematical calculation in your head without the use of a calculator and a lot of the times without even using pencil and paper.

Optiver in its earlier stage interviews you have to complete a multiple choice written mathematical speed arithmetic test by selecting the answer for 80 questions in 8 minutes with negative marking.

Speed Arithmetic questions are asked at telephone interviews where the interviewer will usually tell you that you are not allowed to use any of the above.  It is tempting to cheat your way through and use a calculator but rest assure that the examiner has interviewed hundreds of people like you and can tell  9 out 10 times whether someone has been cheating or not.

How to prepare

  • PRACTISE  PRACTISE PRACTISE in all 4 operations (+,-,x,:/), fractions, decimals
  • Learn the shortcuts tips and tricks: There are methods to perform some certain types of  calculations much faster in your mind. Mastering these techniques will certainly make you a master in speed arithmetic.  Check the Tips and Tricks section to learn these techniques.
  • There are websites that provide flash applications for performing speed arithmetic calculations. Check the sources section for more information on this

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