Excel Speed Arithmetic Calculator

Microsoft Excel is an amazing and very easy to use piece of software that can be used to nearly make anything.
It is very easy to set up a small mental math calculator using Excel that will help you practice using the Excel Random Number Generator. The Random Number Generator is simply a function that produces numbers at random within a range you specify.
I have attached in this post  an Excel file that you can download and use freely to practise Speed Arithmetic in your mind.  Remember to use the Tips and Tricks mentioned whenever you see an opportunity.
The Speed Arithmetic Excel file is really easy to use that there is not much need for instructions.

 Click here to download the Excel Speed Arithmetic

When you open the Excel file it looks like bellow.


You are presented with two numbers (Number 1, Number 2) that you need to perform an operation with (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squaring).
Pressing F9 will generate new numbers for you to calculate.
Click on the Result button to see what the result of the operation is.

Click on the Back button to go back to generating numbers without seeing the result or generate new numbers using F9 there if you wish to have the result shown when new numbers  are generated.


Here you can set the options regarding the Minimum and Maximum value each of the two Numbers , you want to perform an operation with,  can take.


Finally here you set what operation you wish to perform.


+ : Addition
-: Subtraction
x: Multiplication
/: Division
Squaring : finding the square of the number

Note: To adjust how big the items in the Excel file are displayed  use either of the following
Hold ctrl and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and zoom out
Go to the Excel View menu,  select zoom and adjust from there

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