This section is aimed to give you some information regarding finding a job in a proprietary trading company.

Note:  that proprietary trading companies does not involve brokers (eg online retail FOREX companies) that generate revenue from their clients transactions and not through successful trades.

Landing a career in trading is not an easy thing in our days.

Actually some research has shown proprietary trading companies are amongst the most difficult to succeed in their interviews.

Especially given the recent economic crisis, the shrinking of the job market and the continuous scandals occurring from traders, employers are becoming even more selective when selecting candidates for trading positions.

Knowing that you would entrust your own money to someone that will be making trading decisions, using them, would require that person to be trustworthy and have sufficient qualities. For these reasons proprietary trading companies would expect to find these criteria from you.

Usually trading companies would put their candidates through 3-6 interview rounds in order to make their selections. Those interviews primarily consist of the following two elements.

Speed Arithmetic

Brain Teasers

It is therefore essential to practice substantially and become experienced in the above two types of questions.

It is always important not to neglect the Initial CV/Resume, Cover Letter, Competency Questions screening process where is your initial chance to show you posses the qualities they require.

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