Virtu Financial (member of the NYSE, NASDAQ) is a leading electronic trading firm and market maker on numerous exchanges and electronic marketplaces in equities, fixed income, currencies and commodities.  Virtu apart  from being a trading company it specialises in its proprietary software that automates liquidity provision and trade execution through a focused collaboration between traders and developers. Positions can be found in London, Dublin, Sydney, New York, Los Angeles.

Optiver (member of the NYSE, NASDAQ) is a global market maker. It’s employees after going through intensive training they start trading live in the markets after just 2 months of training. It is active in a range of increasingly sophisticated arbitrage activities, constantly innovating. Apart from trading it also offers careers in IT, Sales and business operations. Offices can be found in Amsterdam, Chicago, Hong Kong, Sydney and Taipei.

Jane Street Capital is a quantitative proprietary trading firm that operates around the clock and around the globe. Jane Street doesn’t seek outside investment and doesn’t have customers. Traders there work in teams to seek out and take advantage of pricing inefficiencies, develop models, manage risk, investigate new products, and push into new business areas. Offices can be found in New York, London, and Hong Kong.

Tibra Trading  trades for our own account using  own capital and also takes the opposite side of a public order.  It trades on major equity and derivative markets across Asia, Europe and the US with expertise in trading equities, equity derivatives, fixed income derivatives, commodities and foreign exchange .  Junior  Traders generally start trading live within 8 weeks.  Offices can be found in Sydney, Wollongong ,Hong Kong, London and  Amsterdam .

Here is a bigger list of other trading companies

Advantage Futures
Alaron Trading
Allston Trading
Altrion Trading
Angle Group
Archelon Group
Avatar Securities
Bear Capital
Belvedere Trading
Benchmarq Trading
Bimunai Investments
Blue Capital Group
Boss Trading
Breakwater Trading
Broad Street Trading
Bright Trading
Buttonwood Group Trading

Caliber Financial Management
Carlin Group
Capital Traders Group
Cheiron Trading
Chicago Trading
Chimera Securities
Chopper Trading
Coastal Trade Securities
Cornerstone Trading Group
Curvalue Financial Services Group
Cy Group
Dayson Capital
Davis Securities
Dimension Trading Group
Discrete Trading
DRW Trading Group
DV Trading
Echo Trade
Eldorado Trading Group
Element Trading
Epiphany Trading
Equitrade Financial
Equity Trading Capital
Evolution Capital
Excel Trading
First New York Securities
FCT Group of Companies
Flat Iron Trading
Frontline Capital
Fusionary Trading
Futex Group
Gemini Capital
Genesis Securities
Geneva Trading
Golden Beneficial
Golden Market
Group One Trading
Guardian Trading
Hawkeye Securities
HLV Capital
Hold Brothers
HTG Capital Partners
Integra Capital
International Trading Group/ DE Trading Corp
IMC Financial Markets
Jaycee Capital
JC Trading Group
Jump Trading
KM Capital Management
Kershner Trading
Keystone Trading
Kingstree Trading
Last Atlantis Capital
League Trading
LES Trading
Lion Pride Trading
Locus Trading
Lynx Capital
Mako Global
MBH Trading
MGB Trading
MJL Partners
M&N Trading
MAREX Trading
Marquette Partners
Motive Capital
Opus Atlanta
Platinum Plus Trading
Prestige Capital
Prism Trading Group
ProTrade Securities
Pulsar Capital
Remata Trading
Remote Day Trader
Ritzy Capital
RML Trading
Ronin Capital
Rosenthal Collins Group
Saxon Financials
Semper Fi Trading
SFG Trading
Sharmac Capital
Simplex Investments
SMB Capital
SMW Trading Company
Soldier Capital
Sperling Enterprises
Spot Trading
Star Alliance Capital One
Swift Trade
System 2 Trading
Titan Securities
Title Trading
Toro Trading
Tower Hill Trading
Trade Vision Group
Traders Capital
Trading RM
Transact Futures
Transmarket Group
Triton Trading
Trillium Trading
Trinity Capital
Xerxes Trading
Vankar Trading
Velez Capital
Wescott Group
Wolverine Trading
World Trade Securities
WTS Proprietary Trading Group
Z-Marc II


European ( Most of them based in London)

Argo Traders
Aurelia Traders (Singapore)
Avalon Capital
CFT Financials
Cologne Independent Traders
Elite Derivatives
Europrop Trading
Futex Group
GHF Financials
Hamilton Court Capital
Heron Futures
Kyte Group
League Traders
London Capital Group
London Global Investments
London Stone Trading
MET Traders
MTA Trade
Nevis Trading
Pyne Trading
Quay Trading
Schneider Group
Seuqoia Capital
Sigma Derivatives
Trader Hill
Traders Clearing Alliance
Triniti Financial
Turtle Futures
TXL Trading

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