EUR/GBP: Break on through to the other side

Break on through to the other side

It was a cute and fun ride down the EUR/GBP slide but is it time to start going up again?

The price is currently dealing with a resistance at around 0.8494 which, if broken, will result in a nice ascend.

Furthermore, it broke through the EMA45 (yellow), and the EMA10 & EMA20 (aqua & purple respectively) crossed paths with the slower being below the fastest EMA.

Well folks, this means we have to fasten our seat-belts cause we are about to take-off!

If an order is placed above the resistance #1 line, and everything goes as planned, then…KA-CHING!

P.S: Expect some turbulence at the resistance #2 line though, since it’s been tested twice recently and the price failed miserably to break through it.


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