Multi Currency Recovery Pack

The Multi Currency Recovery Pack

Multi Currency Recovery Pack

The Multi Currency Recovery Pack  contains two of our great tools , the existing Loss Recovery Trader as well as our newest trading Robot The Trend Extreme Dashboard .  Check them out out how you can acquire them even for FREE.

The Trend Extreme Dashboard is a great EA that monitors 25 symbols and only trades the ones that have the best trade opportunities while the Loss Recovery Trader can be combined to quickly recover the unsuccessful trades and convert them into profits.



Swing Master Indicator

Capture the swing trade at the best time

swing master

Swing Master Indicator for MetaTrader4

An simple indicator that displays which by displaying Trend and Extreme values will help you identify once an instrument has  resumed from its Trend Pullback/Retracement and help you start following the Trend again. 

It will help you

-Buy at swing lows of an Up Trend.

-Sell at swing highs of a Down Trend.



Metaquotes Signals

The MT4 and MT5 developer, metaquotes offers the opportunity to automatically copy the trades of other traders, without the need to have a PC active. Metaquotes signals can be accessed from both mt4 and mt5 platforms and supported from all major fx brokers. You can choose a signal you are interested in and subscribe to[…]

st pic

Join the 65% of profitable FxPro Supertrader copytraders

Recently the globally renowned Forex Broker FxPro introduced an in-house social and copy trading platform  known as the SuperTrader.Traders can review strategies that have been approved by the FxPro team and follow risk management principles and allocate money on them ,set risk parameters and follow them. The main differences in SuperTrader compared to other social-copy[…]