150 Pips Profit Buying the NZD/USD

nzdusd perfectbuy 25.7.2013 after

On a previous post the Trend/Wave/Extreme Indicator spotted a perfect buy opportunity to buy the NZDUSD.  See how this trade earned us 150 pips by moving in straight up candles.

Here is the original setup nzdusd perfectbuy 25.7.2013

Our awesome Trend/Wave/Extreme Indicator tells us there’s a good Buy situation being formed and it seems like it since:

  • the extremes are in the oversold area
  • there’s a strong upward trend both in terms of chart pattern and the Trend Bar nearly fully filled to the upside.
  • 2 consecutive up candles have been formed

Seems like a downwards correction has been completed and  is ready to rise again.

Read about the Trend/Wave/Extreme system here

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